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Ice Breaker Games for Adults Returning to Work

By: Anthony Stringer BA (hons) - Updated: 23 Oct 2012 | comments*Discuss
Ice Breaker Games For Adults Returning To Work

Adults returning to work after a short or long period of time can experience a number of emotions. These emotions can affect an individual’s confidence, motivation and social skills. Returning to work is often quite overwhelming and depending on the reason for the absence in employment the individual can find re-entering work quite challenging and may require support and guidance to ease them back into routine. It is always a good idea for an employer or ‘back to work’ representative to incorporate some enjoyable ice breaker games to calm and motivate those ready to get back into employment.

Unlike school ice breakers or party ice breaker games, activities in a work environment will require a different approach. Depending on the skill level of the job it is advised to incorporate elements of the role and challenge the individual while ensuring the atmosphere and the surroundings are relaxed and comfortable. Introductions are key to settling someone into work and it will take careful judgment to decide whether to introduce them to each colleague or get the team together and ask the person to talk about themselves. Again, depending on the person’s personality and background it might be the wrong choice to thrust them into a large group of people they don’t know.

Ice breaker games can be used to avoid this and help accommodate people while allowing them to express themselves. Many people returning to work are often keen and eager but they will also feel anxious about the new challenge ahead. Try this simple introduction ice breaker game to get the person talking to colleagues and participate in group activities.

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This ice breaker game allows those who are returning to work settle into a group without feeling isolated and intimidated. Get everyone to pair up and then explain that they must tell their partner their name and one thing about them. Once everyone has given out the information they must all switch partners only this time they must tell their new partner what their previous partner told them.

So the first person would say ‘my name is John Doe and I like climbing mountains’ John’s partner would then tell John their name and something about themselves. Then they would switch partners and John’s previous partner would tell the new partner ‘John Doe likes climbing mountains’. As people switch partners they must never partner up with the same person more than once. Once everyone has met ask them to sit in a circle and tell the group about the last person they heard about. This ice breaker game gets everyone talking and helps people learn about each member of the group extremely quickly.

Whether this ice breaker game is used for a former employee returning to work or someone who has been off work for a lengthy time, it is an effective way of easing them back into the role or starting to feel comfortable in a new work environment. This game can also be used in returning to work starter sessions for those wanting to get back into work.

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