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Swimming Ice Breaker Games

By: Anthony Stringer BA (hons) - Updated: 22 Jan 2013 | comments*Discuss
Swimming Ice Breaker Games

The benefits of swimming are endless. A low impact activity like swimming is ideal for those young and old, and even those who are recovering from injury. Swimming is a great form of exercise and is suitable for all fitness levels. However, swimming can be daunting for some people and anxiety is fairly common amongst new or non-swimmers. These fears range from body conscious to fear of water.

These fears can be eliminated with a little bravery and some fun and interesting ice breaker games. Once a group of people have overcome the initial worry of swimming and have ventured into the water it is vital to start with some simple but fun ice breaker games to keep them occupied. These games will also help the group associate being in the water with fun and enjoyment. A key factor to consider when encouraging non-swimmers is to ensure everyone feels safe and comfortable. This will relax the group and allow you to begin your ice breaker games so that the group can interact and enjoy the session.

Here are some fun and effective swimming ice breaker games to get a group of people enjoying themselves and to allow the group to get to know each other:

Swimming Subjects

Everyone involved in this ice breaker game will enjoy the rules and those who aren’t confident swimmers will appreciate the ease of the game. The beauty of this swimming ice breaker game is it distracts people from the water and encourages swimming with a little competitive edge. Ask everyone to stand at one end of pool – this can be the full length if you have experienced swimmers or start at either side of the shallow end to improve confidence of non/weak swimmers. Then select someone at random and nominate them as the leader.

The leader then goes to the other end of the pool facing the rest of the group. The leader will then choose a subject, for example numbers, colours, animals etc. The leader then calls out the chosen subject and covers their ears or puts there head under water to avoid hearing the answer from the group. The group then agrees on an answer from the subject. For example, if the subject is animals the group can decide on one animal such as a Cat. The leader then starts asking questions and tries to guess the correct answer.

If the leader guesses correctly they have to race to the other side while the rest of the group race to opposite side. If the leader beats the group to the other side of the pool then they stay leader. If they loose the leader is replaced and the game continues.

Pool Tag

This swimming ice breaker game is perfect for new swimmers. It helps the group interact and get to know each other but it also encourages short bursts of swimming. Nominate someone in the group as the ‘tag’ and explain that you have to swim and tag as many people as possible. When a person is tagged they are out and have to go to the side of the pool. The last person to be tagged wins and is then the ‘tag’. This eliminates the fear of swimming because it focuses on the ice breaker game not the swimming itself.

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